Dual Drain Walk-In Bathtubs

Lay Down Inward Swing Door Acrylic Walk-in Tub – 32″w X 72″l (81cm X 182cm)


At Ella Bubbles, we focus on creating the best bath experience possible. That means taking care of all the inconveniences that come with a traditional bathtub. That is why almost all of our Ella Walk In Bathtubs are equipped with Dual Drain Technology except for mobile and front entry models. Draining the tub has never been quicker or easier.

The Dual Drain Technology consists of two 2-inch floor drains that operate independently with stainless steel cables. This doubles the drainage power and ensures that you always have a backup drain. The system has drain openers that are equipped with ADA compatible extension handles. This reduces the reach and struggle of a traditional drain opener.

When dealing with walk in bathtubs it essential to wait for all the water to drain before opening the door and exiting the bath. This is why the Dual Drain Technology is so innovative and important. It reduces the pesky 10-15 minute wait time of a traditional drain to under 2 minutes!